The fortune cookie that I got at the Chinese restaurant today said “You have alot to be thankful for”.

I bought a PlayStation Portable a couple of weeks ago (I absolutely love it - it’s my first video game ever). I got the “value pack” which comes with headphones, a small memory stick and some other stuff. I was going to buy a base pack which is just the unit itself without headphones, since I was planning on using my Koss headphones and buy a bigger memory stick anyway, but I got a deal for a value pack with two games that was cheaper than the base pack, so there wasn’t much to think about.

Ear friendly headphonesI’ve seen alot of people online complaining about how low the volume is in the PSP’s “ear friendly” headphones. These headphones don’t go above 90 dB which I guess is good since the PSP is sold primarily to children. I haven’t thought that much about it since I usually use my Koss headphones.

A couple of months ago I noticed that my Creative MuVo MP3 player was malfunctioning. Sometimes when I touch the player the volume briefly goes up to the maximum level. It’s like a “bang” for the ears. I have hardly used the player since then other than in the car hooked up to the cassette deck. I, of course, noticed the defect one week after the warranty had expired. I was pretty pissed off about it.

I’m going to the gym in a few minutes (I’m just going to finish this post :) ) and I brought some songs that I want to listen to while I work out. I forgot my ear-bud headphones at home and since I had the PSP with me I decided to try the PSP headphones with the MP3 player, and guess what? They totally cancel out the volume malfunction in the MP3 player! I’ve tried and tried and I can’t reproduce the “bang” with those headphones.

Today I’m thankful for Sony’s ear friendly headphones :)