August 2006

When I was still in school I drew all the time. When I began studying at the university I stopped drawing for a period of time. Then I picked it up again for a short while. It’s now been almost four years since the last time I did a drawing. I’m not sure why, I just haven’t done it.

The other day I looked at some drawings people had posted at Ayumi forum and all of a sudden I felt inspired. I actually felt super nervous because I knew I was going to draw something and I don’t know, I was just so excited about it.

Can you see who it is?

I did a little sketching yesterday and today (well, it’s the middle of the night) I made a drawing. It’s pretty rough, but it feels good to have completed it. It’s supposed to be Korean actress Kim Tae-hee. I don’t know if there’s much likeness. I’m going to post the picture at AHO now (they’ll probably be the first to see it since, well let’s just say that my blog isn’t the most visited page on the web).


I just finished watching the director’s cut of Jeon Ji-hyeon’s latest movie Daisy. I liked it alot. It’s directed by Andrew Lau who directed Infernal Affairs.

The movie takes place in the Netherlands where Ji-hyeon plays a street painter. I liked the painting that she was painting in the beginning of the movie (at least in the beginning of the director’s cut version, I’ve heard that things happen in another order in the regular version). It’s a big painting of a field. I’d like to have such a painting in my livingroom. I guess I’ll have to go to some exhibitions, but I doubt I’ll find anything. I’ve never bought a painting.

I highly recommend this movie. I hadn’t read anything at all about it before I bought the DVD (not even the DVD description). I’ve seen all of Ji-hyeon’s movies (that I know of) except White Valentine. I think she’s an excellent actress. If you like her other movies, then you should definitely watch Daisy.


Today is an important day in the history of this site. I got my first comment spam! Yay, I’m popular! Luckily I installed Akismet a few days ago. “Luckily” if you didn’t want to hear about penis enlargment pills that is :lol:


Keiko Kitagawa (北川景子)I watched the Fast and the Furious ~ Tokyo Drift today. I was interested to see what Japanese actors they were using and if I recognized any of them. Not long after the main character arrived in Tokyo, she flashes by. The only one I recognized directly. Keiko Kitagawa (北川景子). She plays a very small part but she’s on screen quite a lot. She’s the girl mechanic in the good guys’ gang. I think she had one line in the movie. I wish they’d given her a bigger part. She’s by far the cutest girl in the movie.

You may know Keiko from the Sailor Moon live action series. Ahrm… which I’ve never watched of course :oops: (go Sailor Mars!)

Keiko’s gallery

Credit for the picture to: Itsumo: Keiko Kitagawa