Keiko Kitagawa (北川景子)I watched the Fast and the Furious ~ Tokyo Drift today. I was interested to see what Japanese actors they were using and if I recognized any of them. Not long after the main character arrived in Tokyo, she flashes by. The only one I recognized directly. Keiko Kitagawa (北川景子). She plays a very small part but she’s on screen quite a lot. She’s the girl mechanic in the good guys’ gang. I think she had one line in the movie. I wish they’d given her a bigger part. She’s by far the cutest girl in the movie.

You may know Keiko from the Sailor Moon live action series. Ahrm… which I’ve never watched of course :oops: (go Sailor Mars!)

Keiko’s gallery

Credit for the picture to: Itsumo: Keiko Kitagawa