I’ve been following the Ultimate Fighter TV series since the start. I like to watch MMA (Pride and UFC) and the series has been good and entertaining. The fourth season is about fighters who have already fought in the UFC doing their comback by competing in the series. The coaches are (at the beginning of the season) Randy Couture and George St. Pierre.

I was really looking forward to seeing St. Pierre as a coach on the series, but in this season they are hardly showing the coaches or the training at all! Instead they’re showing clips from the fighters’ previous fights, which is interesting, but watching the coaches and the training process is 100x more interesting. I’m so bored with this season. It’s so much worse than the previous seasons, that were all good.

The fights in season 4 are very good, but that’s only a few minutes of the episode. I was definitely expecting more from this season. They tried something new and, in my opinion, it didn’t work.