BoA 2007 calendar

BoA’s 2007 calendar was released today. I have her 2006 calendar which is nice, though the photos could be better. I’m thinking of replacing that calendar with BoA’s new one. As usual the online stores used her latest single cover (Key of Heart this year) as a temporary image. I like the single cover a lot. However, the actual calendar cover doesn’t exactly do it for me. What’s with the riding boots and stuff? I hope the rest of the photos are better. As the calendar is now released, hopefully it won’t take long until someone puts some preview images online.

This year I will wait until I’ve seen the photos before I get the calendar (it’s not like I’m going to use it before new year’s anyway). I really like the pictures of BoA in the Levi’s Taiwan ads and also her single covers. They should use pictures like those in the calendar. If Levi’s were to release a BoA calendar I would buy it in a heartbeat. Of the other artists I like I think that only Ayumi Hamasaki has a calendar, but that won’t be released until December.

Edit: I replaced the preview images with higher quality ones

  • 2007 calendar cover
  • 2007 calendar 01-02
  • 2007 calendar 03-04
  • 2007 calendar 05-06
  • 2007 calendar 07-08
  • 2007 calendar 09-10
  • 2007 calendar 11-12