I watched Ai Otsuka’s LOVE COOK “Love 99″ 2006 tour DVD yesterday. I’d bought the DVD some time ago, but I hadn’t watched it yet. I’m a bit particular about watching new concert DVDs. I want minimal distraction and I need to be in the right mood in order to appreciate the concert to the max :)

You can tell that Ai is doing well just by looking at how much bigger the arena is for this concert comparing to her last one. I haven’t listened to her last album as much as her first two, but watching this concert makes me fall in love with her all over again <3

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I love it when she plays the piano in her concerts. I wish she’d play more songs on the piano, but then I guess the concert would be too slow or something. If she was ever going to release a piano only album I’d be the first to buy it. The performance of Ramen sambun cooking was brilliant! I laughed so much. At the end she performed Frienger, which was also very funny. I’ve heard people complain about this song. This was the first time I heard it and I thought it was good.

I wish Ai would release a PV compilation DVD. I want one so much.