Note: this information lives in the FAQ these days.

I sometimes post videos for the PlayStation Portable on this site. This is how you play them.

How to save

As of November 2007 I’ve switched to full resolution (480×272) videos for the PSP. In order to play these files you need PSP firmware 3.30 or later.

  1. Put the video file in the VIDEO folder on your PSP memory stick. Create the folder if it doesn’t already exist.
  2. Save the thumbnail image and put it in the same folder.
  3. That’s it. Open the video menu in your PSP and you should find the video in the list.

The following applies for videos posted before November 2007: Make sure your PSP firmware is 2.0 or later (earlier versions don’t support H.264/AVC videos, which is the format I use).

  1. Unzip the file. This results in one mp4 file (the video) and one THM file (the image you’ll see in the menu) in a folder.
  2. Create a folder called MP_ROOT (if you don’t already have it) in the root of your memory stick.
    Create MP_ROOT folder
  3. Create a folder called 120ANV01 within the MP_ROOT folder (that’s the folder number I use, if you’re copying videos you didn’t download from this site, you can use another folder name like for example 101ANV01).
    120ANV01 folder
  4. Copy the mp4 file and the THM file to the 120ANV01 folder.
  5. Open the video menu in your PSP and you should find the video in the list.

If you want to play the videos on your PC you need Quicktime 7 or later or you need to have a H.264/AVC codec installed if you want to use another media player. I think Widows Media Player 11 comes with Core AVC installed, which allows you to view these videos. Otherwise you can download ffdshow.