Finally there are some previews of Ayu’s 2007 calendar! It looks very nice. Much better than BoA’s in my opinion. I think I’ll be ordering this one. The only picture that doesn’t really do it for me is the September-October one. She had a similar picture in her 2005 calendar and I didn’t particularly like that either.
But this means trouble for me. I was thinking about replacing my BoA calendar with an Ai Otsuka poster, but now this Ayu calendar would be perfect there as well :)

  • 2007 calendar cover
  • 2007 calendar january-february
  • 2007 calendar march-april
  • 2007 calendar may-june
  • 2007 calendar july-august
  • 2007 calendar september-october
  • 2007 calendar november-december
  • 2007 calendar

Credit: akane5749@ayuchina & blue_bird@ahn

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