I’ve been meaning to post some DVD rips of my own, but I had not decided how I would go about processing and encoding the video until now. It may not be perfect, but it’s good enough quality I think. I went with XviD (1.1.2). As usual I’m giving you one version for the PSP (H.264/AVC) too.

I hope you enjoy the PV! I’ll post more videos when I have time.

Renai Shashin PSP Renai Shashin PV for PSP (5′34″ 21MB)


(how to play)

Renai Shashin XviDRenai Shashin PV (5′34″ 91MB XviD DVD rip)

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(FTP download)

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(rapidshare mirror expired)

Here are a few caps from the XviD version:

  • Renai Shashin 1
  • Renai Shashin 2
  • Renai Shashin 3
  • Renai Shashin 4

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