January 2007

* Note: this tutorial is out of date *
This tutorial describes the basics of how to convert videos for your PlayStation Portable. Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll update it with more information.

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As requested by Winz over at AHN I’m posting PSP versions of YUI’s PVs TOKYO and Tomorrow’s Way.

I’m writing a tutorial on how to make videos for your PSP. The first part (assuming there will be more parts than one) will just go over the basics. With that tutorial you’ll be able to make a video like the first (full-screen) version. Thanks to Winz for supplying the original videos (TV rips).

TOKYOYUI ~ TOKYO for PSP (full-screen)

18MB 4:51 H.264/AVC 320×240


(how to play)

TOKYOYUI ~ TOKYO for PSP (wide-screen, cropped)

18MB 4:51 H.264/AVC 368×208


This is actually the first time I’ve heard a song by YUI. I’ve heard people talk about her (online), but I haven’t heard her songs until now. She’s very good :)

TOKYOYUI ~ Tomorrow’s Way for PSP

18MB 4:51 H.264/AVC 368×208


I think I’m actually going to buy her album.


Since I already posted two of Mai’s PVs for the PSP earlier I thought I’d post the remaining PV Reborn as well, but both for PC and the PSP.

The rip is from the DVD that comes with Mai’s album MAISELF.

Reborn Mai ~ Reborn PV

98MB 5:58 XviD 624×352

(torrent | status)

(direct download)

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Today I’ve written my first Wordpress plugin! It was surprisingly easy. I wrote a plugin that lets me add pictures from the gallery to my blog posts. I used to generate the HTML code for the thumbnails with a script and copy-paste that code into my blog post which is far from optimal. Now I let the same script generate a string like this: [\mrdeus_plogger:60,59,15,14] (without the backslash) and the plugin transforms that into the images below. The BoA image to the right is also generated by the plugin.

  • Cutie Nail 01
  • Cutie Nail 02
  • Cutie Nail 03
  • Cutie Nail 04

It’s generated on the fly, so any changes I make in the gallery are shown directly in the blog. It will also re-generate any missing thumbnails. Now I can take this off my to-do list, but while writing this plugin I found a number of bottle necks in the Plogger code the gallery is based on, so I’ll have to add a couple of new points to the list instead ;)

Be Used To

It’s funny how I wrote in my previous post about how an old online friend of mine and I used to introduce one another to new artists because yesterday I found a new artist I like. It was kawaiichii at BaBoA* who wanted a karaoke version of a song and I remembered that I had Adobe Audition lying around somewhere so I offered to make the karaoke version and downloaded the song. It’s very nice. It gave me sort of a Justin and Sofia feeling. The artist is 卓文萱, Genie Chuo (or Zhuo? I don’t know). She’s from Taiwan. I think I’m going to get her album. It’s funny how all Chinese speaking artists I listen to are from Taiwan.


As you may already know, I adore Japanese singer and songwriter Ai Otsuka. It all started when an online friend of mine sent me an mp3 of Momo no hanabira. We used to introduce one another to different Asian artists that we had found. Ai was one of the artists that stuck with me.

As much as I like Ai’s happy-happy songs, seeing her perform while playing the piano takes the cake. I first saw her do this in a Bokura no ongaku special about Ai that I downloaded. Then I bought her first concert DVD and… wow. The piano part of Kingyo hanabi is amazing. Below you can download a very nice piano version of Himawari, the aforementioned performance of Kingyo hanabi and Ai performing Amaenbo as a bonus ;) . All of these are from her JAM PUNCH 2005 concert DVD.

Himawari Live Himawari Live

77MB 4:58 XviD 704×396

(torrent | status)

(FTP, but please try the torrent first)

(MegaUpload mirror)

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I’ve installed a BitTorrent tracker on the site that I thought I’d use when I share large files. This will be a substitute for the FTP mirror I’ve used so far. There are no new videos just yet, but I’ve made a torrent out of Ai’s Renai Shashin PV that I uploaded earlier.

I’d appreciate it if someone would try the torrent and leave a comment about how it went.

Renai Shashin PV Renai Shashin PV (5:34 91MB)

(torrent | status)

Click “torrent” to download the torrent file and press “status” to view how many seeders there are, etc.


I saw this special about the movie Babel starring Brad Pitt on E! yesterday and it seems like an interesting movie. It’s directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu who directed 21 grams and Amores Perros, none of which I’ve seen actually. I was going to watch Amores Perros back when I lived in Spain, but I never got around to it. I’m going to watch Babel tomorrow.


During the night between Friday and Saturday we finally got some snow! There was some snow in the end of October and then nothing (except a little just before xmas - getting my hopes up - that rained away the same day) until now. I was hoping for snow for xmas when my niece was here. Now I don’t care as much, but it’s been strange with a winter without any snow. We usually have lots this far north.

Here are a couple of pictures taken from my apartment today:

  • Taken from my balcony
  • Taken from the door of my apartment


Today I added a “few” (341) pictures of my favourite gravure idol Sayuri Anzu (杏さゆり) to the gallery. I’ve uploaded a selection of the Sayuri pictures I’ve previously posted in a number of forums. On top of this I’ve added a few new pictures that I haven’t posted anywhere before. If you’re missing some pictures you can ask and I’ll upload them. You can also request other idols. Just leave a comment here or in the guestbook.

  • A Sayuri x-mas tree :)
  • Sayuri likes video games?
  • Sweet Jewel Sayuri with short hair
  • Sweet Jewel Sayuri with short hair
  • Sweet Jewel Sayuri with short hair
  • Sweet Jewel Sayuri with short hair
  • Wind of Anzu
  • Wind of Anzu

In some of these pictures Sayuri has short hair. Kind of like how Tomiko Van’s hairstyle used to be. She looks very different and more mature. I like it.