Death Note

Death Note is one of those things that “everyone is talking about”. After seeing numerous topics about how people loved the Death Note anime on online discussion boards, a couple of weeks ago I decided to download the available fan subbed episodes to see what the hype was all about. I started watching and first of all the topic of the story is very interesting. You’ve probably heard about it. A young man, Light Yagami, finds the note book (Death Note) of a shinigami and by writing a person’s name in that book while keeping an image of their face in his mind, they will die. Light decides to create the “perfect world” by killing off criminals. That alone is a pretty compelling story. As more and more criminals mysteriously die an investigator calling himself “L” is assigned to the case of capturing Kira, which is the name given to the mystery killer (Light Yagami). L is extremely bright and the story continues with the battle of wits between L and Light where both of them are trying to deduce what the other person is thinking.

The only regret I have about downloading this anime is that it’s not complete, so I have to wait a week between each episode to see what happens. I’ve also watched the first Death Note live action movie, but the anime is far superior and I recommend it strongly over the movie. The anime is very close to the original storyline in the manga (or so I’ve read). Of course, the movie has limited time in which to explain everything, but everything about the anime is better. The ambiance, the characters, hearing the protagonists’ thoughts.

If you haven’t watched it, you should check it out. The anime is scheduled for 37 episodes and we’re currently about half way through.