I haven’t played the PSP all that much lately, but a couple of days ago I picked up Bleach Heat the Soul 3 again. I bought it when it was first released last summer and I liked it a lot, but I then got Tekken Dark Resurrection a couple of weeks later and kind of forgot about Bleach for a while. Now I find the game even better than I remembered. I’ve found some new tricks and unlocked new areas and characters.


My new favourite character is Soifon (Sui Feng, which I guess means “Wind” if it’s the same name as Takeshi Kaneshiro’s character in House of Flying Daggers used). I used to like Yoruichi the most, but now I mostly play Soifon. After completing the story mode on the hardest difficulty level (which isn’t all that hard) you unlock “Karakura Heroes Mach” which is a little side story where Don Kanonji recruits a bunch of characters as his Karakura Heroes. I don’t understand much Japanese, but the parts I understand are very funny. The image quality of the animation is also better than that of the normal story mode video clips. Soifon is Karakura Black. It’s pretty cool because you get a whole new character menu when picking which “Hero” you want to use in the next fight.

I clicked around randomly on the web today (I was a little bored) and I found out that Bleach Heat the Soul 4 is coming in may! They sure release new Bleach games often. I wish they’d make an English version though (I mean with English subtitles and instructions in English, not the voice acting - I love that they use the original voices). The new game has a whole bunch of new characters and the combat system has apparently changed a bit. I read somewhere that the fourth game is based on the manga and not the anime. There are a lot of characters that I don’t know yet, but I’ve been lagging behind on the anime. There was even a character in Bleach Heat the Soul 3 that I unlocked that I haven’t seen in the anime yet. If the new characters don’t appear in the anime I guess I’ll have to read the manga as well before getting the game. I think it’s more fun if you know the characters on beforehand. Especially if you, like me, don’t understand Japanese that well.

You can check out Bleach Heat the Soul 4 at the official site.

It’s funny how things are coming together. I just watched episode 98 of Bleach and the title song is YUI’s Rolling Star. I just got into YUI and now I just looked and found that she’s releasing a new album (including Rolling Star) next month. Cool! :)