New character

If you follow the Bleach anime you probably already know these things. However, I’ve been catching up on my Bleach watching after lagging behind for a while. Finally the Bount story arc is over and the new intro of the anime looks very promising! First of all there’s a new exciting character. I haven’t gotten to the episode where she’s introduced yet, but she looks exciting. And then Rukia has her own shikai. It looks very cool. Hopefully both the new character and Rukia’s shikai “mode” will be in the new Bleach game for the PSP, but from what I’ve read I doubt it. I’m happy about where the story in the anime is going though.

I found the Bount arc pretty boring and I didn’t care much for the Bounts’ dolls. Especially Daruku. To me she was like one of those boring monsters in Inuyasha. I guess I’ll be up to date with the anime in a couple of days. Argh! Then I’ll have to wait a week between each episode again ;)

They changed the introduction sequence again in episode 112. Now they show more of the current story. I suppose the previous intro was sort of a teaser for what’s to come in this story arc.