I wrote a long time ago about how my Creative MuVo TX mp3 player had become a bit glitchy. Whenever the headphone connector was moved to the side the volume went to max for a fraction of a second in a deafening “boom”. At the time there was no firmware upgrade that helped and since my warranty had run out by a few days Creative decided that not only would they not replace the player, they wouldn’t give me any support either. The only solution to the problem I could find was to use the “ear friendly” headphones that comes with the PlayStation Portable.

Anywho… I’ve been wanting to try a pair of inner-ear headphones and today I bought a pair of reasonably priced Philips headphones as an impulse buy during my lunch break. I tried them with my mp3 player (without fully inserting the bud into my ear) and the “boom” was still there. I decided that I was going to buy a new player. As a last chance for the MuVo I downloaded the latest firmware and upgraded the player… and guess what! The glitch is gone! There is still some play (I believe that’s the English word) in the headphone connector, but it only causes it to briefly lose sound. There is never an increase in volume so I can use it with my new headphones without having to worry about damaging my hearing. Now I won’t have to buy a new player after all :)

The players I was looking at were the iRiver T50 and T60 (the T60 is not out yet, so now I can wait for it if I want to) and the SanDisk Sansa E270 that there was a good deal for at a Swedish online store.