A few weeks ago MTV Europe had an Avril Lavigne special where they showed interviews, music videos and such. It would all end in an MTV exclusive live performance recorded at one of Avril’s concerts in Paris. I like Avril so I thought I’d watch it. The problem was that the concert was censored, meaning that every time Avril sang a “bad” word, they cut out all sound for a second or so. If I didn’t know better I would have thought there was something wrong with my speakers or something. This lame “censorship” completely ruined the show.

I don’t watch European MTV that much since… well look at the rest of this site… but mostly when I zap by it there’s some rap artist doing a dubbed Bruce Lee impression where half the words the mouth says aren’t heard. I can buy that this is what’s shown in the US, but why do we have to suffer? Couldn’t they have shown the original version of Avril’s concert in Europe and the censored one just in the US? There’s no extra work involved in keeping the original.

This kind of casual censorship in countries where crazy blocking of profanity isn’t common practice isn’t all that unusual either. Do the record companies only send out censored promos to the radio stations regardless of the country or is there some other explanation as to why Swedish radio stations play censored American songs when there is no requirement for censorship and it only annoys the listeners?