June 2007

arena tour 2007

BoA’s arena tour 2007 concert is coming out on DVD August 8th. It comes in a first press limited edition version that includes a bonus DVD with BoA’s dance steps, interviews, back stage footage, etc.The first press version sounds nice, but YesAsia asks $54 for it. That’s expensive.

I hope the overseas version will come with the same bonuses as the Japanese version does.

I’m looking forward to this DVD although I would have liked to see a DVD release of her Korean concert.

Yuna and Tidus

Today I finally finished Final Fantasy X. I had a great time playing the game. At first I didn’t know what to think about the battles being turn based, but I quickly learned to like it. I’ve started playing Final Fantasy X-2 … Continue reading


Swedish This post is in Swedish

Jag tog nyligen upp ett exempel på hur folk hycklar genom att ena dagen fördöma något och andra dagen tjäna pengar på det och idag läste jag i DN om hur Engelska kyrkan anklagar Sony för att ha stulit designen av interiören av katedralen i Manchester till sitt spel Resistance: Fall of man. … Continue reading