I went to the cinema yesterday to watch Die Hard 4.0. I liked the movie, but I had a hard time enjoying it to the fullest because of the crappy picture quality.

The local cinema in the small town where I live has never been known for its high quality. Recently they have switched to digital projectors. That doesn’t sound so bad when you first hear it, but when I watched this movie it was painfully obvious that it was a poor digital transfer.

Anything even remotely close to the colour white had a huge purple glow around the edges. I suspect that this is due to poor quality transfer from film to digital as this is the same chromatic aberration that you can see in digital photos. The image wasn’t very sharp either and it seems they had added a massive cinematic filter on the video (grainy).

Sure, it’s higher resolution than a DVD, but I expected much better picture quality at the cinema. I wonder where this transfer from film is made. I can’t believe this is something that the studios would release.