New Roomba

New Roomba

I sent my iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner for service some time ago. There were no big problems with it. I basically wanted to grease the wheels that had started squeaking a little, but iRobot support refused to answer if and how I could do this myself without voiding the warranty.When the speaker suddenly stopped working I sent it in for service at a place called Garantgruppen here in Sweden. I took a while, but I eventually got a replacement Roomba sent to me (scroll down for the whole story). I’m surprised that they couldn’t fix such a small problem as squeaking wheels and a faulty speaker. I’m happy that I (eventually) got a brand new Roomba as a replacement, but if they can’t repair small things like that it means that as soon as the warranty runs out there’s nowhere I can turn if anything breaks.

So what can we learn from this?

  • iRobot support is nonexistent
  • Send your Roomba for service before your warranty expires, no matter how small a defect it has.

It took well over a month for me to get the replacement Roomba. Here’s what happened:

I sent my Roomba to Garantgruppen which handles warranty repairs. Then I didn’t hear anything for weeks. I contacted them and that’s when I found out that the Scandinavian distributor of iRobot products, a Danish company called Witt, had sent me a replacement Roomba. This was done without informing me. I asked Garantgruppen to locate the package since I hadn’t received it, but they told me there was nothing they could do. I decided to contact a Swedish representative of Witt who was very helpful. He provided me with a tracking number for the package. It was sent to me with Schenker. When I contacted Schenker, the national customer support told me that the package should have arrived weeks ago. The local Schenker agent told me that there was no trace of the package and that I should ask the place where I ordered it to send me another one. Only I hadn’t ordered it, Garantgruppen had ordered it in my name from Witt. I decided to ask the guy at Witt to send me another replacement since Schenker had lost the package. A few days later I was notified that I could get my package at my nearest Schenker affiliate. “Finally!”. I went there and the lady told me that I could get the package from the package room. I entered the room, looked at all the shelves, looked on the floor, no package. “Oh, no…”. Luckily it turned out that the package was just one day late and I could collect it the following day. Now I could see why the first package had disappeared. Witt had sent the Roomba in its original packaging. They hadn’t wrapped it in any way. So it basically says “iRobot! Technology! Amazing!” and has many cool pictures of the robot on the box. Someone at Schenker couldn’t resist and stole it.

Additional things I’ve learnt:

  • Ask the sender to wrap the package
  • Schenker is not a reliable way to send packages