Agent J

Jolin Tsai’s new album Agent J is set to be released 21 September. I listened to an, I guess leaked, copy of the album earlier today. I was a bit shocked when track 11 (日不落, Ri Bu Luo, Sun will never set) started to play, because it’s a cover of the song Sunshine in the rain by the Swedish pop group BWO (Bodies Without Organs). I know Jolin has had Swedish composers before, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a cover. It’s the same song, only with Chinese lyrics.

Below you can find an MP3 of Jolin’s version, as well as a YouTube clip of BWO’s original:


Regarding Jolin’s new album, there are a gazillion different versions available for pre-order. I have no Idea which one to pick. But it’s OK, I’m not going to order anything until I’ve moved (which I’ll do at the end of the month).