all songs score cover

After I moved a couple of months ago, I bought myself YUI’s score book Can’t buy my love - all songs score (second edition) as a moving in present to myself. I had been trying to play her songs from the movie Taiyou no uta (song of the sun/midnight sun) by looking the chords up on the Internet (I don’t play the guitar especially well). I’ve seen that other J-pop artists have released score books (like ELT and Ai Otsuka), but it’s usually been piano score and I play the piano even worse than guitar, so it’s never been an option.

Then I found this book. It’s called “all songs score” and it really has the score for all of YUI’s released songs, including B-sides, up and until Understand!

The book starts out with a discography with the covers of the singles and albums and a small bio. Then there’s the score for each song which consists of the score for the vocals along with the kana lyrics, guitar score with tabs, chords and strumming pattern. At the end of the book there’s a short-hand version of each song that has the kanji lyrics and the chords that fits on one page. There’s also a chord diagram. The diagram doesn’t cover all the chords used in the songs, but the missing chords can be found in the tabs.

all songs score pages

I hadn’t used the book until last week, but I must say that I’m happy with it. It’s nice to know that it’s the correct official chords that I’m learning.