Her Story cover

I recently ordered Korean singer Byul’s latest album Her Story. I’ve heard her songs in K-dramas before, but I haven’t bought any of her albums until now. I really like her voice. Her ballads are her strong point. Listening to her music calms me down and puts me in a good state of mind.

I was hoping on being able to post some music videos, but I haven’t been able to find any and they don’t sell them on DVD. You’ll have to make due with a YouTube link. If you know where I can find her videos in high quality, please let me know.


별 is Korean for star. Personally the romanization Byeol makes more sense to me, but most people seem to use Byul, so I’m going to use that way of writing it too. Her real name is Kim Go-eun (김고은).

Not only does she sing well, she’s pretty easy on the eyes as well.

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I love finding new artists that I like. I’ve ordered her previous album as well and the poster for Her Story. I really like that picture.