I’m a fan of Korean actress Kim Tae-hee (김태희). I’ve seen her in a few drama series and one movie, The Restless. Oh, now that I look at IMDb, she’s also played a smaller part in the movie Last Present which I also have. I’ve watched that movie several times, but it must have been before I knew who she was.

Venus and Mars

Now her third movie (the second where she’s starring) has been released. It’s called Venus and Mars and is about a divorced couple who hate each other, and instead of letting things be, they battle it out. At first I thought this sounded mediocre at best. This is partly because her last movie The Restless was kind of meh. Then I saw that Venus and Mars is directed by Han Ji-seung who also directed Too Beautiful To Lie, which I love. But that movie is carried by Kim Ha-neul, who is one of my favourite actresses. All the same, this makes me interested in Venus and Mars, so I went ahead and ordered this DVD. I’ll post a review when I’ve watched it.