I have added some YUI wallpapers to the gallery. They are the official wallpapers from Sony Music Japan. They’re probably on every YUI forum and fan site out there, but I thought I’d post them anyway. They’re all 1280×1024 pixels.

  • Can’t Buy My Love Winter Sleeve
  • From Me to You Winter Sleeve
  • I LOVED YESTERDAY Limited Edition
  • I LOVED YESTERDAY Regular Edition

  • Can’t Buy My Love Limited Edition
  • Can’t Buy My Love Regular Edition
  • CHE.R.RY Limited Edition
  • CHE.R.RY Regular Edition
  • feel my soul
  • From Me to You
  • Good-bye days
  • I remember you Limited Edition
  • I remember you Regular Edition
  • LIFE
  • Love & Truth Limited Edition
  • Love & Truth Regular Edition
  • My Generation Understand
  • Namidairo Limited Edition
  • Namidairo Regular Edition
  • Rollingstar
  • Thank you My teens First Live DVD
  • Tomorrow’s way

And finally a small promo picture for I loved yesterday that I added earlier.

Promo for I Loved Yesterday

More official YUI wallpapers: My Short Stories, again, It’s all too much, Gloria, to Mother, Holidays in the Sun, Rain, It’s my life/Your heaven, HELLO ~Paradise kiss~