Innocent steps

I just watched the Korean movie Innocent steps on DVD. I bought it when I was ordering some other stuff just because Moon Geun-young (Mun Geun-yeong, 문근영) is in it. I’ve seen her in My little bride, A tale of two sisters and the drama Autumn tale before this. I think she’s an excellent actress. I’ve seen My little bride several times. Well, back to Innocent steps.

The movie is about a former professional dancer, Na Young-sae, who is convinced to make a comeback with a new partner, Jang Chae-min, who’s a talented dancer from China (Yanbian). In order to keep her in Korea he has to fake a marriage with her. Only it turns out that the girl who came is actually the Chae-min’s sister Chae-rin who is not a dancer, but is determined to learn. Young-sae decides to start over completely and make Chae-rin his new partner, so he starts teaching her dance.

The story is a bit bizarre, but I liked the movie. Geun-yeong was great as usual and the movie leaves you with a good feeling. It’s a little like My little bride, but it’s not a comedy. It’s more of a romantic dance-themed drama. This movie might be too mushy for some people, but I liked it a lot. But don’t watch the trailer before watching the movie. I watched it after, and it gives away too much in my opinion.

Here’s a picture of Geun-yeong, snagged from d-addicts.


Oh, and there’s a girl in the movie (Young-sae’s friend’s dance partner) who has the same smile as Ayumi Kinoshita. Her name is Jeong Yoo-mi (정유미).