Here’s BoA’s brand new PV for Kissing you. It’s all shot in one take with a rotating set that BoA walks around in. The song is from her upcoming single Vivid.

BoA ~ Kissing you for PSPBoA ~ Kissing you for PSP

16MB 3:53 H.264/AVC 480×272

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credit: source video from doobie@jpopsuki via justlisa@ahn

I was humming the tune of this song as I walked to the train after work today. The melody is pretty good. The arrangement is so-so. You can check out a live of this song here. The quality of the source video is lower than I usually use, but I’m posting it anyway since it’s new.

Oh, and this PV has the same director as Ai Otsuka’s Rocket Sneaker PV. I came to think of this when I saw the drops hanging from the umbrella in the Kissing you PV (which you can also see in Rocket Sneaker).