I just added a feature that shows how many seeders and downloaders there are on a torrent directly in the post without having to click the status link. I’ve been meaning to make this feature for a long time, I just haven’t gotten around to it.

It looks like this:

status <- you should see the current number of seeders and dowloaders next to "status" (if you have an AJAX compatible browser, e.g. Firefox, IE7 or Chrome).

When this post was written it looked like this:


It’s a simple AJAX feature where the number of seeders and downloaders is fetched asynchronously after the page has been loaded. I have to do it this way because most of the pages you look at are cached, so they would display “old” information if it wasn’t for the script that fetches “fresh” info after the page is loaded.

Pretty nifty huh? :)