I just have to vent a little: today I received my second pre-order bonus code for Mirror’s Edge. The first one was for the demo (which won’t be out until the 7th) and this one was to download two tracks off the Mirror’s Edge soundtrack from musicofmirrorsedge.com.

I opened the site with Google Chrome and entered my code. Then I accidentally clicked one of the songs instead of right-clicking it which resulted in a new page with the Quicktime plugin playing the song. So I hit “back”, but because of how Chrome works (not loading pages with posted data from cache) my code was resent and, since you’re only supposed to enter the code once, I was thrown out of the site (with no trace of the page in the cache). With my code already used I can’t get back in. I could save the song that was opened with Quicktime. Luckily I had clicked the original verison of the theme song, which was the track I wanted anyway, but it still annoys me :( .

Anyway, the theme song “Still Alive” sung by Swedish artist Lisa Miskovsky is great. I downloaded the Mirror’s Edge ringtones and could hear that the remix I missed out on wasn’t that great.

Ringtones and wallpapers are available on mirrorsedge.com.


I can’t wait for this game! At least I have Ratchet & Clank: Quest for booty to play until Mirror’s edge is released :)

Sorry for this totally incoherent post :lol:

Update: yaaay! Webhallen (where I pre-ordered) sent me a new code :)