Black Square

I was complaining the other day that there are no games being released for the PSP these days. Then I ran into DJ Max Portable Black Square when I was browsing around at YesAsia. I hadn’t heard of this game, but it turns out that while DJ Max Fever, which basically is a mix between DJ Max Portable 1 and 2 that has been translated into English, was being prepared for the U.S. Market, Pentavision has developed an entirely new game that looks awesome.

Clazziquai Edition

In October last year DJ Max Portable Clazziquai Edition was released (so this is old news, I know). It was designed to be an easier game to attract a new audience. It even has 2-button mode. The game is called Clazziquai because it’s the name of a Korean fusion band that has made music for this game.

Some new features in this game compared to DJ Max 1 and 2 are:

  • Much better looking videos (looks like real animation instead of the flash crap in the previous games)
  • Better looking menus
  • You can install (part of) the game to your memory stick for reduced loading time
  • Fever mode (same as in DJ Max Fever)
  • You can choose between Korean, Japanese and English language

Then DJ Max Portable Black Square was released in December. It’s supposed to appeal to the more “hard core” gamers, and is more difficult than Clazziquai. The song set is different between the two games. If you have both games you can unlock new content via a feature called Link disc, which gives you more difficult versions of the songs in Clazziquai for example. Oh, and you can use the PSP’s built in equalizer in the game, which is great if you have headphones that sound better on one setting. I think that feature is available in both games, but it’s definitely in Black Square.

Black Square has the same new features that Clazziquai has except that 2-button mode has been replaced with 6-button FX mode (same as 8-button mode in DJ Max 1). It also has a different look to the menus and such.

I’ve gone ahead and ordered Black Square (don’t you just love that cover image?), but I think I’ll order Clazziquai too. There’s not much to lose really since the songs are different and you can unlock even more content on top of that. I’ve seen some of the music videos from these games on YouTube and there are nice songs in both games.

I might write something a bit more in-depth when I get the games.

DJ Max Fever has just been released in the U.S., but I suggest you consider importing one of the new Korean games instead since they look waaaay better.