I really like BoA’s latest single Eien, both the song and the PV. There’s some “peripheral” percussion that sounds a bit strange (I thought there was something wrong with the train I was riding when I listened to the song), but other than that it’s great. I like the attitude in her dancing.

This convinces me further to buy the Avex release of her U.S. debut album that comes in a combo with her new Best of album (BEST&USA), because Eien is on that CD and you get the PV too if you get the 2CD+2DVD combo.

One thing that has crossed my mind is that if most of BoA’s existing fan base buys the Avex release from Asia, how will this affect her sales in the U.S.? Will they add the Asian sales to the U.S. sales or will they just look at how many CDs were sold in the U.S. and, possibly, call it a failure?

I’ve looked all over and I haven’t found a single U.S. site where you can pre-order BoA’s new album, so I’ll get the Japanese release instead, especially now that I’m sold on Eien. BoA will get paid, but perhaps her U.S. sales will be bad.