Today I got my the Audio Technica ATH-EQ300M WH headphones that I ordered about a week and a half ago from Korea. This is presumably the same model of headphones that BoA wears in her Eien PV.

The headphones came in a rediculously large box, so I thought I’d post some unboxing pics :)

Hmm, isn’t this box a bit large for shipping a pair of headphones?
Big box

Another box inside…
another box

Ah, there they are!
there they are

The ATH-EQ300M WH in their packaging:

The casings are white with a metallic-y sparkle. The headphones are a bit smaller than I expected.


There’s foam padding on the inside. I was hoping for faux-leather cushions that might have fit more snugly.

headphones, PSP, and BoA

I’ll write a review when I’ve used these headphones for a few days and compared them to other headphones I have. But in case someone is considering buying them before then, I can say that they’re pretty low-end headphones.