Today I picked up my long awaited Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightStick for my PS3. I’ve never played with an arcade stick before, only regular hand controllers, so it was a bit weird getting used to how to push the buttons.


As soon as I started using the stick I started to suck (or suck slightly more perhaps) because I couldn’t switch between the buttons quickly enough. Combos are much easier though. With a little practice, I think the arcade stick will be fun.

I’m not especially good at the game, but I enjoy playing it online and with my friends (who, luckily, seem to like the game). I just looked at my stats and apparently I’ve played for 34 something hours and nearly 400 matches (that’s quite a lot by my standards) :)

I got the Street Fighter IV game for PS3 earlier this month. I thought it’d be a game that I would like. While I was at it I pre-ordered one of these sticks at the same time, but was later talked into cancelling the order. I regretted cancelling it, but by that time they weren’t taking any more pre-orders. Luckily the same place where I placed the original order had a few left over after all the pre-orders had been shipped out, so I could get it at the same price :)

The FightStick came with a card (see the photo above) which lists the moves of the characters in the game. “This is great!” I thought. I was thinking just a couple of days ago that such a thing would be prefect for when you’re playing multiplayer, both online (when you can’t access the command list) and when playing with friends (when waiting for your turn).

So I thought I’d look up Sakura, which is my current favourite character (second fav is Chun-li)… “Hmm… her moves must be on the other side of the card” (the card is printed on both sides) “… nno… Where’s Sakura?!” Luckily I know her moves pretty well, so it’s no biggie.

Later I was playing online and thought I’d glance at Fei-long’s moves… His moves aren’t there either. “OK, what about Rose?” Nope. “Surely Cammy is included” Nope. They do, however,list both Ryu and Ken, who both have the exact same moves! Aargh! :lol:

After playing with the stick (nothing dirty) for a couple of hours, I noticed that it feels more ergonomical than with a hand control. Normally when I play with a hand control I tend to hunch forward. With the FightStick in my lap, I sit more straight up.