Last night I had a movie night all by my self. I watched the Japanese movie Tenshi (Angel) starring Kyoko Fukada as the angel. Tenshi is based on Erica Sakurazawa’s manga with the same name. I haven’t read the manga, but I liked the movie adaptation.

The movie is very mellow and is great to watch when you, like I did last night, want to unwind and relax. It’s about some regular people in a regular Japanese town who have their own problems, big and small. One day an angel (Kyoko) comes down into the town and touches the hearts of a few people and thereby helping them deal with their problems.

The movie doesn’t explain too much and leaves things, like the reasons for the angel’s actions, up to your interpretation. This kind of movie was perfect for me yesterday, but I don’t think I’d bring it to a movie night with my friends, since I think that people discussing what’s happening and questioning things would ruin the mood that I got.

I got a feeling that I had seen most of the actors and actresses in other movies, but when I looked on imdb I couldn’t see which movies or TV-series I might have seen them in before. Except for Kyoko Fukada of course.

Kyoko is very cute as the angel. She doesn’t say anything though. I like the effect where they have two ribbons on her dress wave in the air behind her all the time. It’s a simple effect, but I think it adds to the overall feel.

I should mention that the edition that I watched (the one in the link) had a few glitches at the beginning and the music at the end titles was a bit over-amplified.

I’ve never had gin lime, but it looks pretty good in the movie, so I think I’ll try it soon :)