I went by a local game shop that’s near where I work yesterday and when I left I saw a handwritten note on the door that said that some dudes from Starbreeze Studios would be there the day after (today) to talk about and sign The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena games.

I decided to go there after work today to check it out and buy the game (it’s pay day). I had played the demo and the game seemed pretty decent.

Signed game

It was the producer and art director who were there. It felt a little awkward to get the game signed since they pretty much could be my colleagues. Starbreeze Studios is a local company in the city where I live and work. But, hey, I also got a free T-shirt :) It has the Starbreeze logo on the back, which I think looks pretty cool.

I’ve played the game all evening and it’s pretty good. Oh, perhaps I should say that by game I mean the remastered Escape from Butcher bay which is included on the disc (or the main game, depending on how you see it). I thought I’d play Assault on Dark Athena afterwards.