You are my destiny

Right now I’m watching a Korean drama series called You are my destiny/You are my life (너는 내 운명). The main story is about a girl, called Sae-byeok, who was blinded but got her vision back thanks to a cornea transplant. She finds out who the donor was and wants to thank her family, only to find out that not everyone knows that Na-yeong (the donor) has died. The drama ensues.


I started watching this drama because Yoon-a from Girls’ Generation is in it. She plays Sae-byeok. She’s been in a few drama series, but this was the one I found first. The series is 178(!) episodes long (that’s even longer than Be strong, Geum-soon), but the episodes are only 30 minutes long.

I like this drama for similar reasons as why I liked Be Strong, Geum-soon: the main character (Sae-byeok in this case) maintains a positive outlook on things although she gets into all kinds of trouble. There is plenty of romance and the actress playing the main character is super cute :) . I’m finding Soo-bin’s mother quite annoying though (Soo-bin is Na-yeong’s cousin).

I’m currently watching episode 19. I’m waiting to episodes 21-25 to finish, but there are no seeders :( . I’m getting the drama from d-addicts. I’ve heard that soshified has a better version, but there you have to have 50 posts in the forum to be able to access the fansubbed videos (I’m not even sure if this drama is still available there). I’m a member there, but I don’t want to just spam away to get to 50 posts. It takes time for me to get into a new forum, so it’s probably faster for me to get it from d-addicts. Perhaps I should mention that I checked if the drama was available on DVD, and it isn’t. If it were available with good English subtitles, I would’ve bought it. Like Be Strong, Geum-soon.

A problem I had with the version I’m downloading now is that the group that made the release haven’t been consistent with the way they’ve encoded the videos, so episodes 1-4 and 8-12 don’t play on a PlayStation 3. I had some problems with getting PS3 media server to stream these properly, so I had to re-encode them. The rest of the episodes up to 20 play fine. I haven’t checked the rest that I’ve downloaded.

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