I’ve been wanting to take a Korean course for a while, but there are no classes where I live any more. I’ve previously checked out Pimsleur’s Korean and Rosetta Stone. Both are OK, I guess, but I wanted to go to a class. Mostly because I want to practice speaking with other people, but also because the previously mentioned courses felt incomplete.

A few weeks ago I, as I do some times, searched for a Korean course and I bumped into a set of audio files from KoreanClass101. I listened to a couple of lessons and was pleasantly surprised. I found the lessons to be very good. The teachers are very nice to listen to. They speak a lot about the dialogue in the lesson and you get good information about what’s being said and why.


After listening to a couple of lessons I went to KoreanClass101.com to see what the site was like, and to my surprise I found that all audio lessons are free for as long as you want! You can download them to your MP3-player if you want. On top of this you can pay for a subscription of the extra features that exist in the Premium Learning Center. There are many nice features. The one I like the most is the quiz for each lesson. The PDFs are also very useful. They are making new lessons all the time, so it’s good to know that you can listen to them even if you’re not subscribing any more.

You can check out the lessons for free and also get a 7-day trial of the premium features if you head over to KoreanClass101.

One funny thing is that Seol looks almost exactly like how I imagined from hearing her voice in the lessons :)

PS. Right now (until the 7th of July) they have 25% off on new subscriptions. Look for the “summer gift” after you’ve signed in.