I have been resisting the iPod for a long time. Mainly because of how “locked in” it is with its iTunes requirement (I know there are alternative programs).

One morning I was on my way to work and was listening to music on my cellphone… or at least I was trying to. The headphone adapter came off one time and the phone thought I had pressed the hands-free button three times. I had had enough.

iPod Nano

I went looking for a new MP3-player on my lunch break and, as it turns out, the selection is horrifyingly small where I live, so I decided to go against my principles and get an iPod.

I got the latest Nano. I was going to get a 16 GB version, but they didn’t have the colour I wanted at the Apple store, so I got an 8 GB version instead. I also went back later to buy a pack of “iPod socks” :lol: (the sock in the picture is supposed to be green - the lighting conditions weren’t exactly ideal when I took the photo)

So far, I can say that iTunes works great with podcasts, and sub-par at basically everything else. I activated the “sound check” feature which caused iTunes to raise the volume of a few random songs by 100% for no apparent reason. And for such an established piece of software, it’s not especially intuitive.

I’m glad I got the iPod late, since that means that there are solutions available for getting around the limitations of iTunes. The guy at the Apple store told me that I could have my iTunes both at home and at work and transfer the songs to both computers as long as they both were authenticated. Now, that’s a truth with modification… or more like a lie. I’m not allowed (by iTunes) to transfer the songs from the iPod to any other computer than they were originally taken from, unless they were bought from the iTunes store.

“Why don’t you just buy the songs from iTunes then?” you may ask. Because I live in Sweden, and because of iTunes’ regional restrictions I’m not allowed to buy any Japanese or Korean music, at all. The only album I’ve found is BoA’s U.S. album, which I already have on CD. Luckily there’s SharePod.

The player itself is great, though. I really like it so far. Except for the equalizer, of course, which is a joke (and the fact that it freezes the playback sometimes when you skip ahead in podcasts).

I like the idea of the “Genius” feature. It generates a play list based on a song you select. It seems like it has a preference for western artists though, because, out of the songs I initially added, all were Asian except one Shakira song. And that song is included in almost every Genius list, no matter which song I select. Hopefully it’ll get better eventually.