As you probably can guess from my previous post, I like to watch MMA fights. Mostly I’ve watched the UFC and the Ultimate Fighter series. I used to watch Pride FC before the owners of the UFC bought them out.

They show quite a lot of MMA on Swedish TV. I was quite impressed when I saw that TV4 Sport aired UFC 99 only one week after it was aired in the U.S. And I just saw that they are airing UFC 100 live (!). The problem is that they show it in the middle of the night and I don’t have a DVR. Each show is also filled with scrolling texts warning the viewers for “unpleasant scenes”, probably due to viewers with “moral panic” who prefers to complain to the TV stations to “think of the children” instead of handling things in their own home.

Female MMA

Recently I’ve looked into the WEC and Strikeforce. Strikeforce also has female MMA. It’s a bit slower, but it adds to the variety. There have been some pretty unusual submissions in the female fights that I’ve seen.

I’m definitely going to check out Affliction next (which they promote on Strikeforce), since Fedor Emelianenko is fighting there (for now). He was the best heavyweight in Pride FC.

Both Strikeforce and Affliction are shown on Showtime, but I haven’t seen any MMA listed on the Showtime channel that I have.