I came to a halt in watching You Are My Destiny when I reached some episodes I hadn’t been able to download. Luckily there’s mysoju.com, where you can stream the drama.

Now I’ve watched those episodes and I can once again watch the downloaded videos. Let’s celebrate with a couple of wallpapers :)

  • You Are My Destiny wallpaper
  • You Are My Destiny wallpaper

Credit: pictures from himnae.net

I still love this drama. It has some negative points though. For example, the drama is pretty crudely edited. Sometimes you’re thrown into a scene where they refer to a previous scene that has been deleted. Like when Yu-ri visits Tae-pung at his work and says “Are you dressed this time?”. Supposedly the scene where she walked in on him when he wasn’t dressed was deleted. There are plenty of scenes like that. Perhaps it’s just the version I’m watching that’s like that. I don’t know.

They also recycle some scenes over and over with minor changes, which is kind of unnecessary. I’m also a bit tired of the whining of Soo-bin’s mother and grandmother and the whole Tae-young + So-young story, which has gone kind of stale.

The main story is great though. They should focus more on that, so that it can progress more quickly.

*Minor spoiler ahead*

In episode 85 and onwards, how on earth can they say that what happened is Sae-byeok’s fault? It’s insane!