I’ve posted quite a few YUI videos on this site, so I thought it was time for a collection torrent for the people who want to download all the videos.

YUI ~ PSP video collection

YUI ~ PSP video collection

917MB H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

(torrent | status)

The videos in the torrent are all the 480×272 PSP videos I’ve posted so far except for large videos that already have torrents, namely LIVE at BUDOKAN and Street live on the last day of her teens.

Click the status link next to the torrent to list the files.

Consult your BitTorrent client software manual if you wonder how to only download selected files from the torrent.

Update 2009-09-20: I updated the torrent to contain the fixed version of Sea. I also added It’s all too much and Never say die. I will continue to seed the old torrent for a while, but I recommend that you download the new one.

Oops. Seems like I included both the old and new version of Sea in the torrent. You can ignore the file that ends with “_old” :P