This is High and Mighty Color’s first PV with new vocalist HALCA. The song is from their upcoming album Swamp Man. The wait has been long and that usually means that expectations have had time to build up.

I must say that I’m a bit disappointed with the PV, the song and HALCA’s performance. So, if you have high expectations, you might want to lower them a notch before watching the video.

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR ~ good bye

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR ~ good bye

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Credit: source video from Guitar_Hero.@jpopsuki

The video is basically just a shaky camera and I feel that it doesn’t “show off” HALCA like I would have expected for her PV debut. Maki was always the center of attention in the previous videos. Maki also looked “fresher”.

The song is “fine”, but not quite what I was hoping for.

I was hoping that I could just accept HALCA and think of it as a new band, but it’s hard not to compare her with Maki. I still have hopes for the band. They could do with a new hit though.