The walls of my “new” apartment (I moved in nearly eight months ago) have been empty because I haven’t been able to decide what to put up on them (except for the SNSD poster I have in my bedroom :) ).

I wanted to find some nice artwork or framed photos that would give me positive associations as well as look a bit more “grown up” than the J-Pop posters I had in my old apartment.

I was thinking about how I wanted something that represents me and what I like. Besides Asian pop music I also enjoy Asian cinema very much. So I thought that instead of looking for paintings, that would probably cost a fortune were I to find anything I liked, I could try to get a hold of movie posters for a couple of movies that I like and frame those.

Scandal Makers movie poster

Enthusiastically I started looking around on eBay for posters from my favourite Korean movies only to find that they weren’t as easy to find as I had hoped. And when I started finding them, the posters weren’t as nice as the movies.

What I really wanted was the poster for Scandal Makers (과속 스캔들), which I think looks super nice. I’ve been meaning to make a post about that movie. I highly recommend it. I didn’t think the poster would be hard to find since it’s a recent movie, but I couldn’t get a hold of it anywhere. I even tried to special order it at some stores, with no luck.

Then I realized that I had completely forgotten about anime movies. I found a place that sells Studio Ghibli posters and found the perfect one: the movie poster for Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. It’s one of my favourite movies and, I kid you not, I was almost moved to tears when reading the manga. Nausicaä represents so many of the things I value. It was perfect.

Nausicaä movie poster

After ordering the Nausicaä poster I re-checked some stores for Korean movie posters and all of a sudden one store had added nearly all of my favourite movies to their stock. And best of all, they now had the Scandal Makers poster! Ignoring how ridiculous the shipping fees were, I went ahead and ordered it.

I received the Nausicaä poster very quickly and I’ve had it in a tube (as to not damage it) for weeks waiting for the Scandal Makers poster that finally arrived today. Now I can have them framed and ready for hanging in my living room. I’ll take a picture when it’s all done.

I think that these two posters will be great. They both show a part of me. The Scandal Makers poster makes me smile and feel good and the Nausicaä poster represents my ideals.