Romantic Island

A couple of days ago I popped the Korean movie Romantic Island into my DVD player. I bought it during the summer, but I hadn’t gotten around to watching it until now.

Romantic Island is about a group of people that independent of one another decide to escape from their troubles at home and go on a trip. They all end up in the Philippines and the island of Boracay.

One of the main characters is Soo-jin (played by the gorgeous Lee Soo-kyung, 이수경), who is fed up with an unappreciative boss, brother and parents and takes out all her savings and leaves Korea unsure if she’ll ever return. Despite this, she’s very cheerful (and ultra cute). You could watch the movie just for her. She’s the girl on the left in the cover image.

The other characters include Jae-hyuk, a kind of workaholic CEO who has to go to the Philippines on a family matter and happens to run into Soo-jin. Then there’s Ga-young, a pop-star who can’t stand the stress any more and runs away. She bumps into Jung-hwan (Lee Min-ki, who played the younger brother in Be Strong Geum-soon), who can’t get his career going and has newly been dumped by his girlfriend. Finally there’s Joong-shik, who has a brain tumor and plans to take his wife on a last trip where he’ll end his life so that his family can get the money from the insurance.

The last part might sound a little grim, but the movie is over all very feel-good. I thought it was a good movie. It delivers pretty much what you’d expect from a movie with this title :)

I think it’s even more enjoyable to watch it during the winter, since it adds to the escapism part of it.

I was first considering buying  More Than Blue (aka A story sadder than sadness), but I thought it might be a bit too much, so I went with Romantic Island instead :lol: