On Friday I got a X-mas present that I bought for myself :)

It’s a new laptop! An Asus UL30Vt. It’s one of those “super slim, but still not a netbook” kind of laptops. I didn’t want a netbook, since I mean to use it as my main computer, so the screen can’t be any smaller than this (yes, I’m writing this on the UL30 :) ).


What I like about it is the keyboard, the size and weight, and the battery life. The version I have promises about 10 hours when in energy saving mode. But it also has two graphics cards, one integrated (energy saving) and one Nvidia for performance.

Here it is next to my old laptop:

UL30Vt next to my old Acer

I’ve already found several things that are better on the new laptop. It converts videos about twice as fast, the memory card reader actually works, the battery life is enough so that you can work without a power cord, etc.

The new laptop came with Windows 7. This means that I skipped Vista all together, since my old one has XP :)

This isn’t really a full review, just a “look what I bought” post, but I thought I’d mention a few things. I read somewhere that people had problem with a loose fitting battery on the UL30A, but I don’t have that problem at all. The touch pad is nice and the two-finger scroll works very well. It feels a bit too friction-y at first, but you kind of lube it up with the oils in your skin. One thing I’ve noticed though is that it’s very sensitive when you tap it. It reacts too easily in my opinion and there’s no setting for the sensitivity. This sometimes results in inadvertent clicks. But it’s not a big deal at all.

Edit: I wasn’t very clear about the track pad issue above. The problem is really that I’m used to resting my fingers against the edge below the keyboard, which was OK on my old laptop. On the UL30 the track pad is “active” so near that edge that my “resting” fingers sometimes touch it. If that makes any sense :lol:

Update: Since the UL30Vt looks a bit slimmer than it actually is in the pictures above due to somewhat of an “optical illusion”, I’ll post another view of it where it actually looks thicker than it is :)