I’ve written snippets about the Korean movie Scandal Makers before. Now I want to show you a clip where Park Bo-young, who plays Jae-in/Jeong-nam in the movie, sings* the song 아마도 그건 (amado geugeon). I really like this song.

Scandal Makers clip

Scandal Makers clip

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When this song came on the first time I wached the movie, I had to rush over to my CD shelf to pull out Park Hye-kyeong’s album When a Woman is in Love, because I recognized the song and knew I had it on CD. I didn’t know the title, but I could hear Hye-kyeong’s voice when I thought about the song.

I think the original artist for this song is Choi Yong-joon (최용준) (that’s what they say in the movie). According to the tag in the mp3 from the soundtrack it’s composed by 박병규.

*I think it’s actually sung by someone called Hong Min-jung (홍민정) here. She’s the one who sings on the soundtrack and the vocals sound just the same as in the movie.

Here’s the song from the soundtrack: