February 2010

BoA ~ Dakishimeru

BoA ~ Dakishimeru

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I’ve just activated the new download function. Good luck :)

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I’ve upgraded my web hotel account to allow me to serve the downloads from the same place as the site is running, which should be a bit more stable than the external download service I’ve been using for the past year.

Now I need some help with the final testing of the new download function.

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Our School E.T.

I watched the Korean movie Our School E.T. the other day. I bought it because Park Bo-young (from Scandal Makers) is in it.

The movie is about a gym teacher who goes the extra mile to take care of students who are having troubles. E.T. in the title first stands for his unorthodox/alien ways to handle things, but then it stands for English teacher once he is faced with the “choice” of being fired or start teaching English.

The story has a nice message and there are a few good moments - I got a little Great Teacher Onitsuka vibe once in a while - but the delivery of said story is not very good I’m afraid.

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Believe it or not, but Girls’ Generation’s latest album Oh! is available on iTunes Store worldwide. At least it’s available in the US and in Sweden, and if it’s available here, it’s probably available in your region too.

You can find it by searching for 소녀시대 in iTunes Store.


Unfortunately, what you can currently buy at iTunes Store is a “partial album”. It’s missing tracks 6, 7 and 12 for some reason.

I think this is the first time an Asian release of an artist I like is available through iTunes in Sweden. I already have this album on CD, but if they start loosening up on the whole “we only release songs in our region”-thing I might actually end up buying something on iTunes some day :)


These wallpapers are kind of old, but I felt like posting them today :)

They are all 1920×1080.

  • Viliv Wallpaper (Soo-young, Jessica, Tiffany)
  • Viliv Wallpaper (Sunny, Tae-yeon, Hyo-yeon)
  • Viliv Wallpaper (Yoon-a, Yu-ri, Seo-hyun)

Have a nice weekend! :D


Girls’ Generation performing Oh! wearing tennis skirts :)

Girls' Generation ~ Oh! Live@Inkigayo 20100207

Girls’ Generation ~ Oh! Live@Inkigayo 20100207

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Credit: source video killerkim@jpopsuki


The Girls’ Generation girls wore the cheerleader outfits from the Oh! music video in their first Music Core performance and the pink and white outfits at Inkigayo. But what about the remaining outfits? Didn’t they wear a third set of outfits in the music video? Haven’t they worn that on stage?

The answer is: They did and they’re wearing it in the video below :)

Girls' Generation ~ Oh! Live@Music Bank 20100205

Girls’ Generation ~ Oh! Live@Music Bank 20100205

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Credit: source video killerkim@jpopsuki

Unfortunately they put quite a distracting subtitle on this performance :(


It seems like I messed up the download function when making changes to a related script yesterday, making it impossible to download unless you’re using a PSP. I’ve fixed the problem now.

I was wondering why so few had downloaded the latest files.


Let’s round off this week with yet another Oh! performance.

Girls' Generation ~ Oh! Live@Music Core 20100205

Girls’ Generation ~ Oh! Live@Music Core 20100205

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Credit: source video killerkim@jpopsuki

Unless you’re completely sick of SNSD by now, I’ll probably post a couple more videos early next week :)


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