Our School E.T.

I watched the Korean movie Our School E.T. the other day. I bought it because Park Bo-young (from Scandal Makers) is in it.

The movie is about a gym teacher who goes the extra mile to take care of students who are having troubles. E.T. in the title first stands for his unorthodox/alien ways to handle things, but then it stands for English teacher once he is faced with the “choice” of being fired or start teaching English.

The story has a nice message and there are a few good moments - I got a little Great Teacher Onitsuka vibe once in a while - but the delivery of said story is not very good I’m afraid.

I’m a very patient person, but even I started thinking “what’s all this random stuff they’re showing?” during the first 30 minutes of the movie before the story takes off. I understand that they want to add some back story, and they’re referring back to some of it later in the movie, but it could probably have been cut out entirely. I guess a lot of people didn’t finish this movie due to the meaningless intro.

Spoiler warning! The end is also not very good. One of the guys who the teacher has taken under his wing wins the national amateur boxing championships and then everyone is cheering for the teacher… that felt weird. It’s like they ran out of time (due to the aforementioned intro) and decided to wrap up everything in one scene.

I wouldn’t say Our School E.T. is a total disaster, but it could have been so much better.