I’ve upgraded my web hotel account to allow me to serve the downloads from the same place as the site is running, which should be a bit more stable than the external download service I’ve been using for the past year.

Now I need some help with the final testing of the new download function.

This is what you can expect:

  • You’ll be prompted to download if you left-click the download link (PS3 will get special instructions for videos)
  • No funny characters in the file name (%20 and such) on PSP or PS3
  • If you left-click, you’ll also see error messages (if there are any)
  • Resuming is supported
  • Download managers are supported (as long as they are integrated with your browser - shares the browser’s cookies)
  • Background downloading is supported on PS3
  • It might be slightly slower than before if you used to have speeds around 1 MB/s or higher
  • The first few seconds of the download will be throttled (slow), then it will speed up
  • You won’t be able to download huge amounts (> 1GB) in a single day

I’d appreciate it if you tried the new download function on these files that have already been posted, and let me know whether or not things work as expected:

[testing period is over]

I’m going live with the new download function for the whole site on Friday, so I’d appreciate any feedback before then (and, of course, after too if you find something suspicious).