I’ve just activated the new download function. Good luck :)

I’ve upgraded the web hotel account where I host this site, so that I can keep all the videos and stuff on the same server. For the past year I’ve been keeping big files on an external file hosting service, which has had some stability problems. The old service will go offline tomorrow, so there’s no turning back now ;)

Here are some pros and cons with the server switch from my point of view:


  • (Hopefully) more stable (less downtime).
  • I have full scripting (and database) capabilities on this server:
    • I can make sure the file names display correctly on PSP.
    • I can add support for download managers.
    • I can shape traffic more effectively.
    • I can be less restrictive with how you can use the links.
    • etc.
  • It’s slightly cheaper.
  • I can automate the creation of web seeded torrents and other neat stuff in the future.
  • More accurate bandwidth usage logging (the old server logged way too high bandwidth usage).


  • Less disk space (but enough to host everything I currently have on the site).
  • Less bandwidth (should be more than enough according to my calculations).
  • Uses same bandwidth limit as the rest of the site, meaning that if I don’t log the bandwidth usage carefully, the site could run out of bandwidth resulting in downtime (this shouldn’t be a problem though).
  • It’s a permanent upgrade, which means that the increased cost is recurring.
  • Might be slightly slower (seems to vary a bit).

I think, and hope, that this will be better for everyone.

As I already mentioned in the “help me test post” these are some of the new features you can expect:

  • Tidy file names (no “%20″ in the file names).
  • Clicking a link will prompt you to save the file (not open it in Quicktime or similar).
  • If there’s an error when you click the link, you will be shown an informative error page (only on left-click).
  • Background downloading is supported on PS3.
  • Download managers are supported (only if they are integrated with your web browser, though it’s still recommended to use your browser’s regular download function - try keeping the number of connections within a reasonable limit).
  • A single user cannot use up all the bandwidth available, so if you don’t download huge amounts you should hopefully never see the “bandwidth exceeded” message.
  • Initial throttling (slowdown) of the download for a couple of seconds (this will help conserve bandwidth, leaving more bandwidth for you all to share). The download will then speed up.
  • Transfer rate limiting (currently 1MB/s, but I will probably remove it completely).

I will continue to tweak bandwidth limits, initial slowdown and such when I see how the usage statistics look.

Let me know if you experience any problems. By “any problems” I mean, new problems that you didn’t have with the old download service.

I will update the FAQ when I have time.

So far I’ve tested the new download function with IE8, Opera 10, Safari for Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Firefox + DownThemAll, PS3 and PSP.