At first I was thinking about skipping Super Street Fighter IV, since I already have the regular Street Fighter IV from last year. But after watching this trailer I have changed my mind.


I thought there’d only be 3-4 new characters, but they’ve added 10(!). Juri and Ibuki look awesome. I have to get this.

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger is also coming out in April here in Europe, but I already have the US version. Perhaps it’ll be easier to find online matches when more people around here have it.

Since I’m writing about fighting games I can also say that I bought a MadCatz Tournament Edition FightStick (round 2) a couple of months ago. The reason (except for just wanting one) was that the buttons on my Standard Edition FightStick had started to feel unresponsive. That stick came with a two year warranty, so I got my money back despite having used it for almost a year. The new one only has three months warranty, but you’re supposed to be able to switch out the parts pretty easily if something breaks.