As I mentioned briefly before, Tae-yeon of Girls’ Generation has been cast to play Kaoru Amane in the musical version of Taiyou no uta (Midnight Sun). A role previously played by YUI in the movie version and Erika Sawajiri in the drama version. Taeyangeui norae is the Korean title, which I believe is a literal translation of the Japanese title (song of the sun).

  • Tae-yeon Midnight Sun promo
  • Tae-yeon Midnight Sun promo

According to Daily K-Pop News Tae-yeon has been practising playing the guitar a lot for this role. It’d be so cool to see her play and sing as Kaoru. She has a lot to live up to though, after YUI’s performance as Kaoru.

Promo clip where Tae-yeon talks about the musical (unsubtitled):


If I manage to get some footage of the musical, I will post it right away. I don’t know if any will be made available though. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.